Dreams punta cana day 4

Another very hot day a little too hot for my fair skin which meant being in the shade just after 10.30am!!

Lounged by the pool then lunch at Oceana, love it there but recommend going early as it gets busy. Great menu with so much choice, cob salad and the club sandwich for me, greek salad and club for hubby. We enjoyed it all and service was good.

Lazy afternoon then before dinner a walk to the ponds, this wasn’t something we’d done before and it was nice to see. There’s some jogging signs and rest stop there as well. Lots and lots of birds nesting, some who were being protective of their territory and felt we might get dive bombed 🙂

Walking around the pond hubby joked something was “coming to get us” as a ripple headed in our direction then seemed to follow us, I laughed it off as coincidence until we saw what looked like 100s of fish following us and coming to the surface expecting some food! Standing on the bridge if you went one side to the other they went “nuts”! The bread crumbs on the rails tells me that people head down there to feed them and they’re “trained”, I hadn’t heard of this before. It’s worth a trip, it’s near the entrance and you can see the area from the lobby bar.

It was dinner at the Mexican, chicken wings (too much sauce, I should have asked for it in the side) then fajitas (didn’t really have a fajita seasoning) for me, beef toasts then tequila steak for hubby, he enjoyed his meal more than me. Service was pretty good as pretty much everywhere, it was cooler as well which was good.

It was a drink in the lobby then one at preferred club then back to the room. We are definitely not party animals 🙂

I’m looking forward to my combined massage tomorrow, it’s a special on a Monday 80 mins for $90, which is about $30 less than the usual price.

If you have any specific questions please let me know and I’ll try and help.

Keep dreaming big

Emily 🙂

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Dreams PC day 3

It was Great start to the morning, the sun was out and it was breakfast at Oceana. This is a great preferred club perk. The breakfast menu is fantastic and the service was spot on.
Sun bathing morning, it was lunch at the world cafe. I love the pasta station. We sat outside at the only table set up, we got water but the drinks we ordered never came. You do get a bit forgotten about if you do get a seat out there.

Went to the core zone, we used to enjoy a game of pool and a beer down there it’s a shame they stopped serving beer from that bar. I know it’s mainly a kids area but it is shelter from the heat for the adults too.

We had dinner at Portofino last last, there was a small wedding set up on the patio balcony bar up there. Great setting with amazing views.

I’d read comments about the restaurant being musty and not having air con. Well last night the air con was definitely on, and it felt good! There was a slight musty smell as you walked in but nothing too bad. We only ordered main meals but did enjoy the appetiser of bread, paramsan, oil and balsamic vinegar. I ordered the spaghetti with lobster and squid ink, something I wasn’t too sure about but thought sounded good…,it wasn’t for my taste a little too sweet. Hubby had the grouper and shrimp and really enjoyed this. As I had some room left I has the chocolate trio desert…yum! Service was very good, I was offered a different meal but I choose not too.
It was a drink in the lobby, live music was on, great voice and some good pre main entertainment fun.
We were in the room early to relax as we were both shattered and ended up watching a movie, ordering late night snacks, pizza and hot dog. They were great but took just over an hour to arrive ( was told 40mins).

Well I’m by the pool now, it’s only 9am and very hot already and no clouds in sight.

Hope this is helpful

Keep dreaming big and to all the fathers out there, happy fathers day

Emily 🙂

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Dreams PC day 2

It’s been hot hot hot today. Breakfast at the world cafe.
It’s a shame that the outside table area wasn’t set up as well as previous visits. They did arrange a table there for us though. Drink service was slow though.

Sunbathing, followed by lunch at the world cafe, again I’d like to see the outside seating like previous years but great food choice…I was over the moon to find baked potato’s sad I know but last year it was my home food craving!

After lunch we had a message on the room phone from Vanessa (preferred club Concierge) it was fantastic to see her again. We’d spoken though email and I’d met her back in 2008. Vanessa surprised us with the preferred club benefits for us to enjoyed, we hadn’t been told when we’d checked in. We are very grateful and the new preferred building is certainly something we will be sure to enjoy. As soon as I told Vanessa about what happened with the wifi people she got a voucher arranged for me. Great service and the reason I can start the live posting again. It will take me some time to catch up but I’ll get there.

We talked a bit about the renovations that are happening. Most blocks are done but not building 6 yet, building 8&9 are mainly being used for preferred guests. I’ll try and find out more specifics when I meet Vanessa again tomorrow.

For the Facebook followers I forgot to ask about the baby Turkeys name but will tomorrow as well.

It was dinner tonight at Seaside Grill, service was great. Salad bar was lovely. Baby rack of ribs, were good but too much sauce on them. Hubby had the surf and turf combo and really enjoyed it.

1 drink in the lobby then it was an early night.

Any questions please let me know

Keep dreaming big
Emily 🙂

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Dreams PC 1st day full summary

By the time I am able to post this it will be after the event. I’m going to keep a daily log on my iphone even tho i cant post straight away. It means i don’t forget and people will still get the full picture.

Check in was easy at front desk, no champagne or towels, person on
desk called bar and got us 2 beers over though. room not ready so no problem( it was 2.30), we were offered to go for lunch but decided to wait in the lobby bar, 10 min wait then we were told it was. when we went to our room door it wasn’t working, magnet battery gone!! At 1st we thought it was our keys as this had happened the 1st year. Luckily this year we didn’t need to walk all the way back to reception as there is a building 1 daytime concierge. Went for another drink while Jhonny sorted it out for us 20 mins later it was fixed. It was annoying but since it was fixed so quickly not a biggy.
Couple of drinks in the lobby, great table service.
Great meal in the wine room. Really enjoyed it. Fantastic service, Cipriani served us, you can order off Oceana, seaside grill or Portofino. No starters for us, mains salmon for hubby, grouper, shrimp and Brie – wow that was amazing.
Some drinks in the lobby. Very busy last night.

I’m not in preferred club here when planning this tour we had to take some cuts some places to be able to see all 3 unfortunately this was one of them. I mention this only to set the scene for the wifi story 🙂

Wifi service was really really annoying. Having been able to post daily and have people thanking me and finding it useful I wanted to do the same.
Because I’m not preferred club went to buy the $25 for 25 hours wifi deal. They won’t sell it to iPhones or iPods. Something about it being slow. The thing that I did find irratting is that I’d has no problems at la romana and they wouldn’t offer a deal on the computers. Not that I want to be in a room for 25 hours but I went through 25 hours of posting etc at la romana so it would soon rack up and the costs do as well. $1 an hour I was more than happy to pay but $4 for 15 minutes is expensive for the amount of time I’d using posting. So I’m sorry this is why these are all getting written live but not posted live.
I’ll maybe be on 15 mins a day, but not time to write something this big.

So summary of the day, sad leaving la romana, good journey to punta Cana, check easy, room door was a problem but resolved, meal was fantastic, wifi nightmare.

Our to our surprise is the same one we had 3 years ago. Building 1 top floor. it’s sea view but all the palms have grown A huge amount and if will be strange when you see my photos this year to compare.

Couple of observations:
•Renovated room is fantastic
•Loved the nibbles served with drinks at the oceana/seaside grill bar.
•Mini bar – love the juice boxes
•iPod dock does also charge
•It’s 9.30 and still plenty of chairs by the pool, so my fear of the towel game seems unjustified, so far.
•Nice benches up the long paths have been added and improved.
•Nice signs to tell you when some of the plants are.

hope this helps and sorry again for the lack of liveness!

Keep dreaming big

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Dreams PC day 1….

Well I left dreams LR with a heavey heart today. We met Marlen before leaving and after such a wonderful stay it was sad to leave.
Arriving at Dreams Punta Cana, the check in was good we were early but they came 10 mins later to say the room was ready. All was good until the lock on the door didn’t work! The battery had died! Jhonny in building 1 sorted it out, after about 30-40 mins. He was wonderful and very apologice. There were a few more problems but then an amazing meal.
Now the worst news….I’ve been told they are not selling the wireless to anyone who has an iphone an wont for an ipod. It means I am not going to be able to post for the next few days.
I am sorry as I have enjoyed doing this.
If I get the chance to go to the cafe sometimes then I promise I will. Sorry I am not helping people as much as I wanted though.\\p.s weather is good. Very hot!!

Keep dreaming big

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Day 4

Its the morning of day 5 and luckily I didn’t post this too soon 7am very sunny, 8.30 had a short heavy rain shower now and about 9.30 rain started again. It’s very heavy still warm but not as sticky, not sure what today will be like in the end.

Yesterday it was breakfast at preferred club then off to Bayahibe to see Denise and give the donations to the school. I was so excited to be doing this and I know it will be the highlight that stays with me. We had pencils, pens, erasers, sharpeners, about 15 maps of the world, 2 atlas’s, map of europe, 5 pairs of black sand shoes for the kids (if they don’t have the uniform they can’t go to school), 2 inflatable globes, a wooden build your own skeleton. Denise was great translator for us and the principle let us know that a book like the atlas was cost 6000 pesos upwards, which is about $150 or £95, a map £25….some of maps had been a website giveaway and the books in great condition but only £2 from a charity shop!! I really understood then why they are luxury items. It’s state school but they get vey little funding. They do have a library, which up to a few years ago was the only part of the school. We asked about books, they don’t learn English here so if you are thinking about bringing any book donations they wouldn’t have use for any written in English. It is all Spanish books.

The extended area of the school housed the classrooms, we only saw the kindergarten age room. It’d expected them to be much worse but it’s clear the principle cares about the school, clean and bright colours around. The toys around are very old and that is what is clear. They don’t have the money for what they’d class as luxury items and we to be fair probably take for granted.

The school year had finished at the end of May but there were some kids collecting their report cards, there are just under 200 who go here. If you are thinking about donating anything at all it is all gratefully received. Denise was a fantastic help in finding out what the school needed. Or if you just want to drop donations with Denise she is happy to pass them on.

Huge thank you to those of you that have done this already I know the donations post got a few people surprising Denise and her husband with gifts for the charity and the school, thank you so much.

We also took a walk around the village and I’ve pics of things of interest which I’ll post when back in the UK.

It was a hot walk back to the hotel, Mr King deciding to do the not so sensible thing of try playing tennis in 34 degree heat!!!! So it was Cooling off time at lunch in the cafe area with a couple of snacks there, I love their chocolate chips cookies. Pizza from the pizza station by the main pool as well for lunch….yumm loved it last year and it’s great still.

We met Mel and Ross at the managers party. This is the 1st time we’ve stayed to the full one here and it was great. The showing who the managers are then them coming out and speaking to everyone, handing out champagne. One comment they said which was very important “if you have any problems when here, please let us know when you are here so we can try and sort it”.
This is really important, Mel got her honeymoon banner sorted within 2 hours of mentioning it, it hadn’t seemed much but to her she felt she was missing out and now having it does feel better.

After the party it was on to Portofino for dinner. Ceprese salad followed by steak for me, aubergine lasagne followed by beef for hubby, minestrone soup then steak for Ross, salad then Chicken for Mel. Mel and I had the chocolate desert and it was ok. All of us agreed that the mains were great and the steaks fantastic.
Service was good but not great, at the end it was a little odd (I’d heard of this happening on TA but never met anyone or seen it myself) the waiter puts a card under my nose and asks me to write on TA and mention him in the review.
I’m not sure if this is because we said we remembered him from last year or not but it didn’t sit great with me. Mel was the only one there at the time and she agreed it was odd and didn’t feel great. I’m not going to mention his name on here as don’t think that’s right.
I asked others about this last night and no one has had this happen before and it certainly didn’t happen last year so in my mind a 1 off.

I said I’d ask other people opinions and give there experience as well and 2 couples mentioned they ate at Bordeaux the previous night, both eating later than normal for them and that service wasn’t good. Food for 1 couple ok but for the other it wasn’t so good. Both putting it down to it maybe winding down towards the end of the night. One of those couples has been here 2 weeks and said only had that happen twice both times Bordeaux, the 1st when there was a wedding party in so they understood the slow service then. Everywhere else they have found great.
We ate there the same night at 6.30 and service was fantastic, it is our favourite place.
2 couples went to the Mexican the same night though and raved about it! That was their favourite so far.

We went back to the preferred bar for drinks and a sad goodbye to Hector and new friends we have made.

I hope I’m managing to give a fair and varied view by including the opinions of others and will continued to do so at the next 2 hotels.

I’m leaving here today in a few hours with a heavy heart but knowing I will be back again one day (I just need that lotto win 🙂 ).
This year has been even more special than last and thank you so much to everyone who has helped make dreams come true.

Looking forward to Dreams Punta Cana, will post later from there.

Keep dreaming big


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Day 3

The 1st thing I know so many people want to know is the weather…well I managed to stop out in the sun until about midday as there were some clouds but even with factor 40 on I have a little sunburn so please be careful!! It’s looking like a hot one today as well.

Breakfast this morning at preferred club, mini croissants, Brie and yogurt. No one else there other than me.

We went to lunch at the world cafe again, a little busier but plenty of tables. Made to order pasta for me….wish I’d found that before as it was fantastic! I’ll be going back today for more. The waiter remembered our drinks orders from yesterday, I was ultra impressed especially since I can’t even remember his name 😦

We met Mel and Ross at the lobby bar for a couple of hours and enjoyed meeting them and having a few drinks. They are loving their stay, they are in block 7, they don’t have the preferred status but they are thinking of upgrading. They have said they’d like the pool and preferred bar.
They found check in easy when they arrived. They haven’t had some of their honeymoon perks but it’s quickly sorted by having a word with concierge and they now do have the banner etc on the door.

Evening meal at Bordeaux was fantastic. Snails for hubby followed by steak, he said both were even better than last year. French onion soup and lamb chops for me, soup was good but not as good as last year, chops were fantastic.
Javier was our server for the 2nd night and again he is a great guy. Hope to see him again before we go.’

It was an early night after a couple of drinks at the preferred bar. The “usual crowd” were there 🙂 all in agreement that we love this bar as the bonus of preferred club. None of us really want to see the shows etc so it’s perfect. Some of you might think that’s boring, sorry it’s just personal choice.

Well today I’m very very excited….it’s the big day to go to Bayahibe and meet the principle and had over our donations to the school. I can’t wait.
Denise will post pics on facebook discover Bayahibe page and I’ll post pics when I get back to the uk.

That’s it for now. Remember any questions please let me know.
Keep dreaming big

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Day 2

So let me try and summarise day 2 and also in include comments from others who are staying here (just to make sure i give a “real” view).
Woke late this morning, clearly needed the sleep. Room service breakfast was good. Eggs were excellent the bacon and sausages are different to home but enjoyed them. It took about 40mins.
It was off to Bayahibe today, a short 10-15min walk along the beach. We met Denise at the Cuban cafe and enjoyed a couple of drinks before the short walk to the medical centre to donate the paracetamol and ibuprofen which we’d brought along. About 16 packets and only a few £s can make such a difference.
If you can help them out they recommend dropping it off about 11am as then there will be someone around. They don’t speak English but Denise did a great job translating for us. They were so grateful. Photos will follow or check out discover Bayahibe Facebook where Denise has already posted some. It makes you realise just how lucky we are and how much we take from granted.
We also dropped off some donations for the Animal charity with Denise, they do such a great job it was fantastic to be able to help out. They are always trying to raise money for there neutering program.
We met Everisto who was our private taxi driver from last year, he is taking us to dreams punta Cana on Thursday. Really nice man with fantastic English. If you’d like his contact details please let me know.
It was back to the resort to the world cafe for lunch, so much quieter than last year and the food was good. Plenty of selection. Some drinks at the lobby where I had the pleasure to eventually meet Marlen. She is such. Kind thoughtful woman, she had seen my post about my mozzie bites and brought me a gift of some different spray to try…fingers crossed 🙂
Stopped by the cafe and picked up a chocolate chip cookie yumm 🙂
A drink at preferred club the. Afternoon sleep for me!
Dinner at the Jungle (dominican) restaurant. Delicious grouper starter followed by goat for me, it was fantastic. Hubby had shrimp followed by the chicken and really enjoyed that also. I tried the pineapple dessert but it wad a little too sweet for me. Recommend trying here, we didn’t last year and we regretted it.
It was a quick drink at the preferred bar and now it’s an early night needed.
So that’s my summary so far now on to other people’s comment.
Glen and his wife Tanya love it!! They are also I preferred club and have stayed at dreams PC, secrets riviera Maya, and the original secrets excellence in punta Cana.
Speaking with another couple last night (Luke and sorry can’t her name) it’s there honeymoon and 1st time to AM resorts. They are in block 5 preferred club, love their room but they have unfortunately noisy neighbours, the 1st they had they could hear but the ones now they have they can.
They are from the UK and booked with Thomas Cook. They’ve had a great time, when they checked in, no champers or towels, they weren’t told to go to preferred check in and they didn’t think they were “missing” anything until the next day. As soon as they asked about it though they were sorted out.
Their views on the food is that it’s all been good, sometimes great. Sometimes one gets a great meal and the other only ok, so they’ve not always found it consistent, even when ordering the same thing. They love the staff here and like us think everyone goes out of their way. I asked them about the sushi as we won’t be visiting there. They’ve been twice 🙂 although they did say it’s more the vegetable sushi, which thy prefer anyway! She has taken Part in many of the daytime activities and loves it.
Everyone I’ve spoken to says they’d return. And that for me is the thing that stands out. Repeat guests are a sign of a great resort.

That’s it for now and I hope that’s useful for at least one person. Remember any questions please let me know. I’m answering TA and fb messages as soon as I can.

Keep dreaming big
Emily 🙂

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Day 1 highlights

Well seeing Hector on the preferred club bar and him remembering he’d met us from before, or pretending really well (without us saying anything), is number 1!
It was an early start with the time difference (uk being 5 hours ahead) we were awake at 4.30am, also the fact hubby left his alarm set on his mobile 🙂
We enjoyed sunrise from the balcony, then breakfast at the world cafe…I love the made to order omelettes.
Very hot even at 7.30 when we took to the sun lounged, we had the preferred club pool to ourselves for about an hour!
Still plenty of Loungers in the sun and shade even all day.
Great touch at preferred club was about 10am fruit skewers being offered by the pool.
Great bar and pool service had today.
Lunch at seaside grill was excellent once we got in. There was a wait so we got a buzzer, I don’t mind that at all expect there were lots of empty tables. So not sure what was happening there, everyone after that was having the same situation.
Highly recommend the tuna wrap!!!!
We’ve had some more sun and then chilling out before getting ready for dinner, Italian tonight and can’t wait it was one of our favourites last year.
Again any questions please let me know. Also apologises for spelling on the iPod touch and it’s not easy
Keep dreaming big

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I’m here at last!!

Wow wow wow… And can I say wow once more!!
Let me start from the beginning…..flight was ok, it dragged a bit but 3 movies a couple programs later it was over. VIP transfers were amazing, 1 hour 10 min transfer (enjoyed the excitement of the journey but still I’d not choose to drive over here myself!). We arrived, didn’t get champagne or towels at main reception but taken quickly to preferred club. The great ladies there met us with a happy birthday and champagne. It was great to meet Glennis at last and her and the team did a wonderful job surprising me with a birthday decorated room.
Dinner at Patio (Mexican) and the surprises kept coming, balloons, cake and the amazing Jesus to serve us. Thanks to Pierre, and the others I cant remember the name of, the food manageress, manager of patio and all other that sang happy birthday to me. It’s been great to see Eddy at preferred club and looking forward to seeing Hector tomorrow.

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