Dreams La Romana Review

Well this is the long awaited review of Dreams La Romana…..I can’t recommend this place enough. I truely love it here and will return again one day. It was such an amazing stay and a friend of mine has just booked based on my recommendation. Thank-you to everyone for making this stay perfect.
Firstly let me apologise about the length of this review as I will try and include as much detail as possible. I will try and split this into sections to make this easier.
This is my 2nd stay here, this time only for 5 nights (the 1st was 14), this was the 1st hotel in a tour of 3 that we did over a 2 week period. We checked in on the 11th of June.
Flight and Transfer
It was a 9 hour flight from the UK, with Thomson. We were in standard class and paid the £5 each to upgrade our entertainment, mainly so we can use start, stop, pause and not wait for the loop to restart. As we had booked through Caribbean Warehouse transfers were through VIP transfers who have a desk at the airport. It was just the 2 of us in the comfortable taxi, the drive was good, some of the roads are great, others are very bumpy; I enjoyed the journey and got some great pictures on route. We were lucky with the traffic and it only took 1 hour 10 minutes, previous year was 1 hour 30.
Check In/Out
We were the only people at check in, we didn’t get champagne or cold towels, we were booked preferred club and the main desk got the bell boy to take us there with our luggage. When we got there Eddy (fantastic drink server at the preferred club lounge) quickly brought us champagne and the preferred club girls checked us in, welcomed us home and wished me a happy birthday. Huge thank-you to Glennis, Fabiola, Pitosca and Berkis (the preferred club concierge who were all amazing). Fabiola especially went out of her way and even got hold of a recipe we really wanted, it too her some hunting it down but she managed it.
Check out was very easy, our luggage was taken to the lobby, we got a ticket to confirm we had settled our bill and you need to show this when you got to leave.
Our Room
Our room was 7339, and it was fantastic, the girls had decorated my room with balloons for my birthday which was such a great surprise. We also had a welcome home again letter, a fruit and cheese platter and a bottle of champagne. The room was bright and clean with great air con. There was a good supply of toiletries in the bathroom, a great mini bar with Fanta, sprite, coke, diet coke, water and some beers.  I left a couple of dollars in the fridge the 1st day with a note asking for more beers which they happily added. There is a good coffee maker and again on the 1st day we asked for extra coffee and got plenty. 
There is plenty of drawer storage and good hanging space. The safe is free and we made sure we locked everything valuable away; we always do this just for our peace of mind. The view from the balcony was of the preferred pool and partial ocean view. I loved sitting there enjoying a drink on the afternoon or evening. Maid service was always excellent as was turn down service; I love the towel art that they do.  
We didn’t experience any problems of noise from the hall or rooms next door. We always ask for a room away from the stairs so less foot traffic, think that helps. We did speak to another couple staying in block 5 who did have very noisy neighbours though; it got better after they left.
Preferred Club
We spent most of our time in this area. We loved this area of the resort and to us the preferred club upgrade is worth every penny. We met some people who upgraded when they arrived, some who upgraded halfway through their stay, everyone we met at the preferred club really enjoyed the extra perks, the pool, the bar, the lounge with snacks from morning until night and the computers as well as the free wifi being the top things. The preferred club is quiet which is perfect for us however for those wanting to be in amongst the main entertainment this happened on the main beach and by the main pools. The preferred club pool was great and we are early risers and were often by the pool on our own until about 9am. There were still least a couple loungers available all day, although not always with shade. The bar here was fantastic about 10am each morning as it opened they often came around with fruit sticks which was a lovely touch. Pool service was brilliant with them being proactive in getting your drinks for you.  Jenny was brilliant during the day.
The preferred club bar was a great place to make friends on a night time, we got chatting the same 3 couples each day and night and it was a great laugh. After 3pm you also have the best barman ever….Hector! We were so pleased to see him again this year and we were sad to leave him again, we have talked about him often in the last year between visits and he is a great asset to the team.
There are lots of choices available, with 7 a la carte restaurants and 5 nights we chose to go to those we loved or missed last year. It is those as well as the breakfasts and lunch options that we experienced is what I’ll write about.
World Café
Great choice here, I love the omelette station, lots of fresh fruit and cooked breakfast options. We enjoyed sitting in the outside area here. 
Preferred Club
A continental breakfast was on here, mini croissants, toast, fruit etc where you could help yourself. Nice to do if you are just after something light.
Room Sevice
Good choice and it was delivered in the 40 minutes they had said.
Seaside Grill
This is a great a la carte lunch option. Good menu and once you are in good service. We did find it very strange that ourselves and a couple in front of us as well as everyone behind us started getting pagers and asked to wait for a table when there were plenty of tables available. Someone did come and get us about 20 minutes later and person on the desk said they had been paging us, our pager had never gone off though. Recommend having the tuna wrap!
World Café
We didn’t use this much last year as it seemed so busy this year it was much better so we used it a couple of times. Lots of choice available. I loved the pasta station here and highly recommend trying that. Great waiter at the outside area, who remembered our drinks the next day, wish I could remember his name (on his badge it begins with a B but his real name was Francisco).
Cocco Café
Really like this place, nice to grab a couple of small snacks, variety of coffee drinks and use the internet computers (there is a fee from $4 for 15 minutes, it is cheaper to use wifi $25 for 25 hours on 1 device over 6 days). Book exchange is here as well, and the air con is good here.
Pizza Station
By the main pool they have a pizza and hot dog station; I love that you can grab a couple of freshly made pizza slices from here.
We always eat early, latest was 7pm, we didn’t have a wait anywhere.
El Patio – Mexican
They went above and beyond expectations for me. Knowing it was my birthday when we arrived the preferred club girls asked where we were planning on eating, we’d already decided that if the Mexican was open this was where we’d go so we let them know. Less than an hour later they had organised a decorated table for us and it was perfect! Jesus the waiter was fantastic, perfect English, but also speaks 3 other languages!
I had the Tacos Tacos Tacos which are more like fajitas but that was what I loved, you can ask for the hard taco shells instead though. Husband had the burrito and thought it was great. Margaritas were very strong but nice.
A huge birthday cake was presented to me at the end of the meal which I asked to be shared with the staff in the end as it was so big. It was the perfect birthday meal.
Jungle – Dominican
Lovely setting on the beach, where you’re feet are in the sand. Good service here and the goat was lovely, 1st time I’d tried it and really enjoyed it. We loved the white bean sauce that was served with the rice and this was the recipe we managed to get hold of, can’t wait to try it at home.
Bordeaux – French
We love the setting here, air con is good here as well. Snails, steak and lamb chops were all excellent. The French onion soup was ok. Javier is an excellent waiter who served us twice this trip and very attentive.
Portofino – Italian
This is a nice elegant setting and really enjoyed it here, going twice. The steak here was the best we had all holiday, out of all 3 hotels. Service was great the 1st time (Javier) the 2nd time it was a little odd, with the waiter trying to get me to put his name on trip advisor. Which I have chosen not to do, I am only putting the names of people who have me a great WOW moment.
There are a lot more bars that what I am going to report on, but I only want to mention the ones I actually used.
Lobby Bar
This was better this year with service seemingly improved however it could still be frustrating, with table servers needing drinks, people not knowing how to wait their turn etc it could be slow at the bar. When waitress service was on this was mixed. One day we sat there for a couple of hours with friends and we had fantastic service, with us hardly ever having an empty drink, tipping $1 or $2 a round. Another time it was very slow. There is a good selection of drinks here, you could get bottles of bud here most of the time.
Veranda Bar
This is beside the Seaside Grill, Bordeaux and Portofino, it is good to be able to get a drink here if you have to wait on a table. There are fewer branded drinks here and I’ve never found branded beers at this bar.
Preferred Club Bar
This for us was the best bar, best service and the best drink choice. Miller, Corona, Bud and about every spirit you could imagine. Hector the best barman ever! It is quiet and somewhere great to make friends away from all the entertainment.
There is a huge entertainment program day and night. This isn’t something we want to join in but for those we spoke to they certainly enjoyed the variety of the daytime activities.
Extra Information and tips
2 other members of staff that need to have a mention:
Browlio – great barman, last year worked on the preferred club bar, he has now moved I think to the pool bar. We met him again this year when he was over at the preferred club and he remembered us, he is a great guy, very friendly and has a good laugh with everyone.
Marlen – WOW this review could not be written without me thanking Marlen for a great stay. She is attentive to her customers and really wants to know how she can make the place better for everyone. She listens to any concerns that people have and acts on them immediately. She is a true asset to the hotel and the company and look forward to seeing her again in the future.
Please tip if you can afford it and if you feel the service deserves it.  Tipping for us didn’t give us better service but rewarded good and great service.
Take a walk along to Bayahibe, it’s a great village and worth a visit. There is a lovely Cuban café as you get to the village, nice to sit and have a drink and a snack if you like. We went along twice and also went to give donations to the local medical centre, the school and an animal charity. If you would like more information on this please let me know.
Please check the dress codes of the restaurants, this is for men mainly, some restaurants you can’t were shorts at and we saw a lot of people having to go and get changed. There is a notice outside of those restaurants which tells you what is ok and what is not. Also you can check the Dreams website before and it lets you know, so you know what to pack. Personally we liked the dress code as for us we felt it brought elegant feel to the evening meal.
VIP/Unlimited Vacation employees – yes they do look like the staff, you can see on their badge that they work for unlimited vacations though. Husband was aware they were there but as we were about to get shown to preferred club they did stop us, husband thought they were staff but I spotted the badge straight away. I politely said that we were not interested and they left it at that. Once more they did stop us but a quick no thank-you was enough.
Vendors  – A quick no thank-you and continuing to walk on worked great. Generally we don’t make eye contact or look at the stalls and this works, we are not rude just firm in our response. We never felt hassled or that we had to change our route.
To see 100s of pictures please check out my previous posts and if you have any questions at all please let me know.
I will be posting this to tripadvisor when I have all 3 reviews written.
Keep Dreaming Big

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I am HUGE fan of AM resorts having celebrated my honeymoon, 1st and 3rd anniversary's & 3 birthdays between Sunscape Punta Cana, Dreams Punta Cana and Dreams La Romana. Most exciting was that 2011 will saw me, my husband complete our Secret Dominican Dream Tour in June 2011. Celebrating our 4th anniversary and another of my birthdays...WOW it was a Dream come true.
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  1. G says:

    Hi…I’d like more info on the local medical charity you mentioned, something I’d like to donate to/visit while there. Your reviews are great, thank you so much for doing this.

    You can email me the info, or provide an email address and I’ll contact you.

    Thanks again!


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