Dreams punta Cana day 5

Well it’s another very hot day today, sorry this post is a little late, my wifi credit ran out this morning and it didn’t seem right to get another voucher when just there for another few hours before leaving for secrets.

Yesterday saw a very hot day and me in the shade by 10am!! We enjoyed breakfast at Oceana, 1st time I’ve even had pancakes for breakfast (the diet flew out the window as soon as I got on the plane 🙂 ).
I had an amazing spa treatment, the 80 minute combination massage special, $90 is a great deal.
We had a few drinks in the preferred club, got speaking to a guy who has used the baby sitting service and thought it was fantastic, they used it so they could enjoy the dine around offer (dinner at another resort) and also another night. He though it was great and recommends it.

We spent our last evening meal in the wine room, we had all to ourselves and Ciprian was the perfect host. This time we ordered off the Oceana menu, we both had the crab cakes (WOW) followed by the beef and bacon skewers which were also great.

I took lots if night time photos before heading for an early night. We ordered the anniversary package bottle of champagne and then also a couple of pizzas later on (hubby loves the pizza)!
It took a lot longer than the time given but was still good when it arrived.

We loved seeing here again and there have been fantastic changes, such as the wine room. I’ll post a full review when I get back to the uk but as always any questions please let me know.

Keep dreaming big
Emily 🙂


About ekingy

I am HUGE fan of AM resorts having celebrated my honeymoon, 1st and 3rd anniversary's & 3 birthdays between Sunscape Punta Cana, Dreams Punta Cana and Dreams La Romana. Most exciting was that 2011 will saw me, my husband complete our Secret Dominican Dream Tour in June 2011. Celebrating our 4th anniversary and another of my birthdays...WOW it was a Dream come true.
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2 Responses to Dreams punta Cana day 5

  1. Amber says:

    This blog is super helpful and well done. My one question is, what is there to do between meals (which sound AMAZING)? Did you mainly lounge on the beach? Swim? I am worried about going stir crazy. Any odea if there is parasailing nearby?

    • ekingy says:

      Hi Amber, glad yow found the blog useful. I’ve sent you an email reply but in summary there is loads to do if you want to personally we choose not to be activities start early and end late.

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