The countdown is on…

The last week has been a really tough one personally. We had some sad family news so it’s been hard trying to get inspired to post. However the thought that in less than 9 weeks I will be relaxing in paradise has been keeping me going.
I am soooooo looking forward to my Secret Dominican Dream tour, the recent updates from baltobabe on her blog
have got me even more excited. Dream Punta Cana seems to have gone through so many changes and upgrades since I was last there in 2008 and I’m not even talking about the rooms ūüôā
The wine room is something I can’t wait to try. Situated between Oceana and Seaside grill, with the purchase of a bottle of wine you can enjoy the wine room experience. My husband and I are very much looking forward to¬†trying¬†this on our 1st night, the small table settings and with few tables I am sure this is going to be nice and romantic.
Baltobabe has uploaded lots and lots of photos to facebook for everyone to enjoy..check out their facebook page here

This week has given me time to reflect and put things into¬†perspective, the things we worry about every day…
how important are they really in the grand scheme of things?
Why are we not nicer to each other?
This one¬†especially¬†has hit home, I’ve seen what I class as attacks on travel forums this week, where people are trying to help others and they have been accused of doing this for other reasons. This hurts as¬†although¬†it’s not aimed at me it is aimed at people who have inspired me to write this blog and to help others. I have known baltobabe since 2006 and she is a wonderful woman who has given so much time and energy, even while on holiday helping me and so many more out of the kindness of her heart. So please people remember that the internet is somewhere you can gather information from, you can research and use other peoples experiences to help you form your OWN opinions. If you dont agree with something I or anyone else writes that is ok, that is your Truth, what I write is my Truth. Neither is wrong it is just as it is.
Please with so much hurt already in this world lets be nicer to each other and respect each others so we can help share our experiences and make sure our hard earned money allows us all to have our Dream Holiday when it comes.
Dream Big and Be Happy

About ekingy

I am HUGE fan of AM resorts having celebrated my honeymoon, 1st and 3rd anniversary's & 3 birthdays between Sunscape Punta Cana, Dreams Punta Cana and Dreams La Romana. Most exciting was that 2011 will saw me, my husband complete our Secret Dominican Dream Tour in June 2011. Celebrating our 4th anniversary and another of my birthdays...WOW it was a Dream come true.
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